What makes Kaluga region attractive to investors?

We offer transparent and investor-friendly business environment:

  • The wide range of offered resources and services meets any investor’s needs;
  • Industrial and technological parks of different specialization, with industrial sites and all necessary infrastructure available throughout Kaluga Region;
  • -Park and B-Park projects (brown fields) are primarily intended for investors pursuing an asset-light strategy to achieve sustainable development.

We have created an integrated structure of development management which includes the following key players:

  • The Ministry for Economic Development of Kaluga Region, which shapes the regions investment policy and supervises the following establishments;
  • Agency for Regional Development of Kaluga Region – among its primary functions are consulting services to investors, development of proposals to investors, support of investment projects, social and economic development of municipalities;
  • Kaluga Region Development Corporation is engaged in technical and technological support of investment projects, develops and manages engineering infrastructure and utilities in industrial parks;
  • Industrial Logistics Co. is the primary tool effective in implementing logistical projects in Kaluga Region;
  • Agency for Innovation Development Center for cluster development stimulates the innovation economy of Kaluga region.

Available to investors is a set of financial incentives:

  • The regional legislation contains provisions on tax breaks for investors. Such tax exemptions include lower income tax and property tax preferences.

We developed a fair investment culture:

  • We guarantee non discriminatory support for all investors;
  • We pursue to create a dedicated project team, whose objective is to create a superior value for both the community and the investor;
  • Our objective is to implement investment project with the shortest possible turnaround. Strong administrative support along with red tape-free procedures ensure fast seeking of all necessary approvals.